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Whether it’s pressure brewed espresso, fresh-ground coffee, real-leaf black and green teas, hot chocolate, cappuccinos, mochas or lattes, MARS DRINKS delivers the perfect drink every time.

Vending Single Serve

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Real Milk Froth

KLIX® Hot and Cold Drinks

We take the best loved brands, put exactly the right quantity of ingredients in every cup and then let our unique in-cup system deliver a perfect drink every time.

  • Coffee
    Including NESCAFÉ® GOLD BLEND® for KLIX coffee vending machines & increasing the sustainable options with coffee from KENCO®.
  • Tea
    Lipton® Lemon Tea & PG tips® – the best loved tea brand in the UK and served the way it should be – a real tea bag and a special whitener formulated specifically for tea vending machines.
  • Café Style Specialities
    Sometimes an indulgence is actually a necessity – that’s why we have a dedicated category of drinks that provide a small personal reward, every day.
  • Soups
    Whether it’s warding off winter blues or adding a little more variety to that lunchtime break, KLIX vending machines should feature at least one ‘warmer’.
  • Cold Drinks
    Demand for chilled drinks is rising, it’s all about staying hydrated. From chilled water to refreshing fruit drinks, KLIX has the answer for your drinks vending machines.

Single-Serve Drinks

Our portfolio of licensed brands and signature favorites provides a range of choices, with options to satisfy the varying taste preferences of people at work.

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