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Workplace Designed Drinks Technology

At Mars Drinks, we think the workday can be so much more than the daily grind. That's why we're 100% dedicated to the workplace - creating new and inspiring ways to help people come together to achieve great results.

Vending Single Serve

KLIX® Hot and Cold Drinks Vending Machines

KLIX has vending technology down to a science. We have kept factories, warehouses, cafeterias and break rooms humming along for decades by providing the delicious hot and cold refreshments hard workers run on.

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MARS DRINKS™ KLIX® MOMENTUM Your business moves fast. So we created an in-cup vending solution to keep pace. The MARS DRINKS™ KLIX® Momentum offers your team a faster, easier way to enjoy the drinks they want. And it offers you the hassle-free operation and maintenance you need. The KLIX® Momentum is designed to be a reliable member of your team, so your people can grab a cup, refresh and get back to work – fast.
MARS DRINKS™ KLIX® 450 Re-energise. Our fast, reliable counter top drinks machines will help you find all your favourite drinks at the press of the button, so you can maximize your break time and return to work feeling refreshed and ready to take on the workday.

FLAVIA® Workplace Designed Drinks Brewers 

Our series of high-performing workplace machines blend stylish design with the latest beverage technology. Bring coworkers together with a variety of individually brewed drinks delivered by efficient, reliable equipment.

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  • A Barista For the Workplace
    The MARS DRINKS™ FLAVIA® barista is more than just a coffee maker. It's the only single-serve office machine that crafts perfect coffees, teas, lattes, cappuccinos and authentic espressos, all at the push of a button. 
    The MARS DRINKS™ FLAVIA® Creation 500 blends stylish design with enhanced drinks and menu display options making it easier than ever to create and enjoy the perfect brew.
    The MARS DRINKS™ FLAVIA® Creation 200 is ideal for your mid-sized business, offering a full range of café-style drinks conveniently in the office.

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