Innovation For Today's Workplace

MARS DRINKS offers more than just a coffee maker. Bring the work cafe to life with perfectly crafted coffees, teas, lattes, cappuccinos, and authentic espressos.

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Flavours that Inspire

Only coffee connoisseurs, world-class teologists and cocoa experts could create a range so fine.

Superior Reliability & Service

  • No Cross-Contamination
  • No Pilferage
  • No mess or cleaning
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Supporting workplace sustainability

We are committed to helping workplaces around the globe meet their sustainability goals. We aim to provide the most sustainable workplace drinks solutions.

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Empowerment and Belonging For
People At Work
Across the Globe

We know that to reach our full potential, we must create work
environments where people have a sense of empowerment
and belonging. Find out how to create
a vibrant, thriving workplace.

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    Introducing the KLIX Momentum

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    90% of people at work agree Workplace Vitality™ is important for organizational success.

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    Introducing the MARS DRINKS™ FLAVIA® CREATION 500

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